Benefits of Working From Home

working from home~

The truth of the matter is we all LOVE benefits! And who wouldn’t benefits are awesome below is a list of wonderful benefits of working from home.

  1. Flexibility- You need to work , we all do but you are confined to a certain schedule most jobs you have to work the schedule they have for you, but with as an at home customer service professional you pick your schedule. Which means you work when you want and how long you want.

  2. Your office can be any kind- Working from home doesn’t mean you have to have fill a corner of your living room with a huge desk, a huge flat screen monitor or two, and an rolling office chair. You can fit your office wherever it fits in your life. You can use your kitchen breakfast bar as a standing desk (all those health benefits with no investment!) and I’ve heard of people who converted part of her bedroom closet into a “hidden” office so she can just shut her work away at the end of the day.

  3. You will save MONEY- You’ll see an immediate difference in your bank account when you don’t need to bear the costs of commuting. But you’ll also find savings in other areas. You won’t have to force yourself into a suit and polished shoes anymore if that’s not your style—no more separate wardrobes for work and for the rest of your life! And you can also save on food costs since you’ll easily be able to whip up your own lunch and coffee if you work from home.

  4. Increased learning and independence- Since you won’t have colleagues just a few feet away or a tech team one floor down, you’ll find yourself developing the skill of looking for your own answers and becoming more proactive to find what you need on your own. Of course you can still ask questions and get help if you need to. But, a lot of the time, you can do a Google search, and find the answer you are looking form.And you’ll also end up with some skills simply because you need them to work well remotely. For example, you’ll probably notice that you’re writing more clear and concise emails and being more sensitive to your team’s different schedules out of necessity once you’ve worked remotely for a while.

  5. No more office politics-Who will miss this? Because idle chatting and time just hanging around the break room isn’t possible, remote workers tend to skip the gossiping and posturing that happens in traditional work settings. And that’s a huge bonus for everyone involved!

  6. Laser Focus-Once you have a steady routine, you’ll soon learn to avoid being distracted by the TV ,your next load of laundry or what you will be cooking for dinner. Actually, you should find yourself getting more done in less time when you work remotely. That’s because you control your working situation much more—you don’t have to worry about co-workers stopping, obligatory socializing, or offending someone by shutting the door to your office.

  7. Better work /life balance-Work/life balance, is very important in 2016 it is the aspiration of the modern professional. This is often achieved through a working at home arrangement, particularly when a professional has the flexibility to report into the office and work from the office partially as an option and can fine-tune the arrangement to achieve the most optimal balance.

  8. Much better health- Often with long commutes and anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a day spent getting to and from the workplace both physical and mental health are adversely impacted. Lets be honest the first thing to go when we are stressed are the gym hours, when working from home you can go for a long walk before and after work or to join a local gym.

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