YLL Inc. has several policies, they are as follows:

Independent Businesses that contract to service the any of the Clients through the Arise program will be required to provide all services from within United States. Unless otherwise agreed to by Arise in writing, Services provided outside United States will be deemed a material breach and grounds for immediate termination of any and all contracts between your company and Arise.

The following schedule applies for all cancellations: No refund requests will be honored after the designated Client Support Professional has "ENROLLED" in a certification course. Once enrolled, fees paid cannot be transferred between opportunities for sponsorship of another Client Support Professional affiliated with the same Independent Business. All Independent Business Owners should be aware and conscious of their obligations before one of their Client Support
Professionals enrolls in an program Certification. No refunds will be given if the designated Client Support Professional is not able to complete the certification course or fails to certify.

Arise reserves the right to cancel any certification course for any reason at any time. For courses cancelled for insufficient enrollment, all certification fees shall be refunded to the Independent Business. In the event of weather emergencies, or other corresponding emergencies, every effort will be made to re-schedule the course meeting.

If the Independent Business Owner or designated Client Support Professional decides to drop from a certification course after enrolling in the course, the Independent Business will forfeit the applicable course fees paid and must wait a period of 4 weeks before that Client Support Professional may express interest in any another certification opportunity.

No certification course absences will be permitted. If the designated Client Support Professional misses a day of the certification course, then they will be required to re-take the entire course again in order to obtain certification. No credit or refund shall be issued to any Independent Business whose Client Support Professional must retake the course. The Independent Business will be responsible for payment of the second certification course.  If the designated Client Support
Professional is more than 15 minutes late to a scheduled course meeting they will be marked as tardy. Being tardy twice will equal one absence and the Client Support Professional shall be removed from the course. The tardy Client Support Professional may re-take the entire course again in order to obtain certification. No credit or refund shall be issued to any Independent Business whose designated Client Support Professional must retake the course. The Independent Business
will be responsible for payment of the second client course.

There is an expectation that designated Client Support Professionals enrolled in a Client Certification Course will attend as scheduled, perform their own work on all assignments and take exams with honor, integrity and professionalism. Arise has a "zero tolerance" for misrepresentations and unethical behavior. Misrepresentation includes but is not limited to (1) someone other than the designated Client Support Professional attending a Certification Course on behalf of the
Independent Business, (2) publishing in any manner, whether written or oral, course work, assignments, projects, exam questions or results, and (3) the performance or submission of assignments or exams that is not the work of the Client Support Professional. The decision as to whether a Client Support Professional has engaged in misrepresentation
is at the sole discretion of Arise. Upon determination of misrepresentation, Arise shall immediately expel the Client Support Professional from the Certification Course and terminate any and all SOW's between Arise and the Independent.Businesses for services under any acts of misrepresentation are deemed grounds for permanent removal
from the Arise network.