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Q. Why should I hire your services?
A. You specialize in making your product. We specialize in marketing and selling on Amazon. By working together everybody wins. You get to keep doing what you love, while we help you grow your business. There is no up front capital required from you.

Q. Do I have to get involved in customer service?
A. No, we leverage Amazon's services and all that is handled for you. Once in a while, if there is a technical question, we may need your help answering it. But overall, you should not have to worry about day to day customer service.

Q. What if I love my customers and want to interact with them?
A. You can still keep your current client base and grow it as well. Our services give you access to a broader audience. We will respect any policies you may already have. We want happy customers just as much as you do so they come back!

Q. What if I want to go on vacation?
A. We will typically order a large quantity from you before it is sold. If you plan to go away for a while, let us know so we can pre-order in advance.

Q. When/how do I get paid?
A. We place an order, you send us an invoice, you get paid. 

We love to help small companies get bigger, we can discuss other payment plans if needed.

Q. How soon after I sign up can we start?
A. We can start as soon as you are ready. 

Q. How many hours can I work?
A. Just as you do now, you control your own work hours.

Q. What is my pay percentage?
A. This is a simple transaction. You are paid for the product you deliver according to the agreement you made with us prior to production start up.

Q. What do I need to get started?
A. Whatever you are using now to make your product. You tell us what you can do!

Q. What are the costs to getting started? 

A. No additional cost, you may want to invest in more equipment as you grow but that is entirely up to you. We will only sell what is available.

Q. Do you have any additional questions not mentioned in our Q&A? Please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to speak with you further. 

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