Q. How many clients can I certify with and service?
A. As many as you like, there is no limit. Most of our reps only service one client and we don’t recommend servicing more than two.

Q. Can a client be dropped once I enroll?
A. Yes, you can drop a client at any time you wish. However, if you do drop a client you will have to wait 30 days to enroll with another client. So make sure to enroll with a client before you drop a client.

Q. What clients can I work with?
A. We work with over 70 major clients and you can work with any of them as long as they have a class opening. Clients continually open up new courses daily.

Q. How often are new client courses posted?
A. Clients continually open up new courses daily.

Q. When/how do I get paid?
A. You are paid after you complete client training or when you are in nesting which is when you take live calls during training. You are paid via direct deposit on the 10th and 25th of every month.

Q. When do I start working?
A. You start working as soon as you complete and pass certification.

Q. How many hours can I work?
A. As many as you choose. You set your own schedule and choose the hour slots you want to work.

Q. Am I required to work a certain amount of hours?
A. Depends on the client but most require a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Q. What is my pay rate?
A. That depends on the client. It can be anywhere from $9-$22 per hour. The average pay rate is around $11 per hour.

Q. How am I paid (commission, base, hourly)?
A. That depends on the client. Some pay per call, per hour or base plus commission. If a client pays per call they usually have an alternative base rate for slow times and you get paid whatever is higher.

Q. What do I need to get started?
A. -PC Computer (laptop or desktop)
    -DSL or cable Internet
    -Phone line (Analog, digital or VoiP/internet)
    -VoiP headset
    -Computer must have Windows 7 or 8 depending on the client
    -A quiet place to work without distractions

Q. What hours would I be required to work?
A. That depends on the client. Some clients have hours 24/7 and most have hours available early morning to midnight. Most hour slots are 2-4 hours per slot.

Q. Once I finish a client certification class am I guaranteed a job with that client?
A. Yes, once you complete your client training you will be certified with that client and can start posting for hours and working.

Q. How far in advance are hours chosen?
A. Most clients release hours every two weeks for two weeks out. You can always drop/swap hours if needed after you select them.

Q. When are classes?
A. That depends on the client and will be detailed in the client course documents

Q. How long is client certification?
A. That depends on the client. It can be anywhere from 4-7 weeks Mon-Fri for 2 or 4 hours per day.

Q. What if a client course fills up?
A. Two options you can enroll in a different client certification course or wait until the current course becomes available again.

Q. Are their any health benefits or paid vacation?
A. Since you are hired as a 1099 contractor there are no health benefits or paid vacation. However, as a 1099 contractor you can write off all business related expenses such as internet, phone bill, computer and home office.

Q. What are the costs to getting started? 

A.  In order to partner with Yvonne Long, LLC /YLL Inc. and have an opportunity to provide your services to clients, you must complete the following which is considered your investment into your own business.

The following are the fees:

  1. Arise Background Check (FREE).

  2. Certification Course for the client you choose starts at $19.99 up to $289. *Military families, receive up to $150.00 towards their first client certification course with our Arise partner! 

Q. Why do I have to pay fees? 

A. We have a low flat service fee is $50 per invoice in addition to the fee our partner charges which is $19.75. We pay our contractors on the 10th and 25th of the month.

Yvonne Long, LLC/ YLL Inc. has to cover business costs including Partner fee’s, computers, bank fees, software costs, direct deposit fees and more. Our low, flat service fee allows us to provide you with support during your certification process and beyond. We want you to succeed! Whats great is you can service as  many hours as you can handle and the fee remains the same. 

Q. Are we paid during certification? 

A. Yvonne Long, LLC/YLL Inc. does not pay for the time spent in a client certification course. We are the middleman between our partner’s clients and the Authorized agents, Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietors and Freelancers working from home. As an Authorized agent, Independent Contractor, Sole Proprietor or Freelancer, you are responsible for any certification needed that is required to educate yourself to properly provide your services to the client.

Q. Do you have any additional questions not mentioned in our Q&A? Please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to speak with you further.